Class 302 – Rowland Heights


Restaurant Review: Class 302 Shaved Snow

Went with some friends to this Taiwanese cafe in Rowland Heights. It’s in the same plaza as the 99 Ranch Market, and is across from Coconut Bay.

We wanted dessert, so we ordered the shaved snow. Let me tell you, the consistency of this thing is really weird and awkward. It is really shaved, in layers— I feel as though it reminds me of hash browns, the old diner style the way it’s made.

The taste of the strawberry mango one, wasn’t that great. I mean, it was okay, but the ice just tasted like ice, and it had no syrup over it. The fruits were mediocre, too.

The mango shaved snow was much better. The shaved snow was flavored, and it also came with, what I believe is mochi. It had a nice texture and flavor.

In comparison with Guppy, in terms of shaved ice.. I’m not a fan of this.

rating: 3/5

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