Volcano Tea House

Boba Review: Volcano Tea House

There’s a boba fairy in my life, mmhmm… and her name is Rosalie. She magically shows up at my apartment in her car, and calls me to come down and hands me boba through her car window like magic. Every time it’s like whoa… seriously, yo!

Today she brought me boba from Volcano.. I don’t know if Justin has reviewed this place yet— I feel like he has, but I’m too lazy to go back through posts to find out.. but whatevs!

Rosalie brought me milk tea with boba, a classic. Although I love all things strawberry, sometimes it’s best to not mess with the great flavor of a classic. The milk tea is really good at this place.. it has nice sweet flavor to it that’s not overpowering. The boba here is also one of my favorites. It’s always soft and chewy, with a bit of resistance for a good bite. When it comes to a good boba drink I like to see a good milk tea to boba ratio. For me, I always hate it when there’s too much boba in my drink and not enough tea in it, but Volcano had a pretty good ratio, I didn’t have a lot of leftover boba. It might just be a preference thing, but I hate it when there’s leftover boba in the bottom of the cup and you’re just trying to suck it out and sometimes you even choke on one or two..haha

So thank you Rosalie for this nice reward after I just pwned my two finals these past two days.. haha I am so ready to take a short break before summer school and try out a bunch of new recipes.

My friend Calvin has recently sent me a recipe about an easy fake donut recipe. I kind of want to try it out, but we’ll see…

My rating for Volcano is 4.5/5


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