Jasmine Market & Deli – Culver City

The restaurant itself is very unassuming—whitewashed walls and pinned up Arabic calligraphy and scriptures from the Quran. There’s also a small market in the back selling masala and other random Asian groceries, giving the place a mom-and-pop shop vibe.

As for the food, two words: cheap and good, my favorite combination. You order immediately at the door, and everything’s served on disposable plates. Service is at a minimal and no-frills.

I ordered the dal goash curry, lamb and dal bean cooked in Indian spices, along with naan and basmati rice and a side of sour vegetables (ah-chin in Burmese, to balance the richness of oil-based curries and heavy meals). At first, I almost choked on my food because I thought I had accidentally ordered beef. Luckily that wasn’t the case. The meal was satisfying indeed, although the naan was a little on the oily side. The curry itself was very pungent and rich, and apparently the lamb tastes exactly like beef.

Josie ordered lamb curry, which tasted similar to my curry, aside from the absence of beans. On the other hand, Saba ordered the vegetable curry, which was particularly well suited to the naan. I think Nicole ordered the beef boti kabab, but I can only wonder what that tasted like.

We also got Burmese-style samusas, which are basically flat triangle-shaped dumplings stuffed with potato, which came with a radioactive green sour dip with mint leaves. To my disappointment, they were smaller than I expected and sort of on the light side.

All in all, the meal was enjoyable and cheap at that. I’m coming again, to try out how good their Burmese dishes are.

Score: 4/5

– Justin

P.S. It’s the Food Coma team’s 2nd ever blogged outing! 🙂


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