Banana Bay – Rowland Heights

I finally tried the well know Banana Bay in Rowland Heights during Memorial Day weekend, since my family was in the area househunting, as usual.

Ambiance: The restaurant’s fairly spacious, with a full bar and a stage where a live band plays every evening (according to my sources on Yelp). And there’s a huge aquarium at the entrance, which also doubles as a Thai snack shop.


Food: Fair enough, the waiters and servers were all Thai (or at least Thai-speaking), and the food was decently priced (mostly under $10 a dish). We ordered a Banana Bay special pad thai, which was NOT generous in portions. They were stingy on the shrimp, but the noodles were slightly undercooked, which is exactly how I like authentic pad thai, and the noodles were not totally greased up in oil.

Next came the Gulf of Siam, almost $10, overpriced, to say the least. All it was, despite its fancy menu description, was a fried egg, some stir fried seafood (mostly squid), and a small clump of steamed rice.


The seafood fried rice was similarly overpriced and came with a minimal amount of seafood. If there’s one thing I hate about restaurants, it’s small portions.

Humorously enough, though, the water is served in beer jugs.

Score: 3.5/5

– Justin

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