Macao Egg Tarts


Macao egg tarts

I felt this intense craving for egg tarts last night, so I looked up recipes for egg tarts and settled on the easiest looking one, on Rasa Malaysia. That lady sure knows how to get people cooking. I think the appealing pictures do the job.

1 box Betty Crocker pie crust mix (11 oz)
3 tbsp melted butter
1/3 cup cold water

Custard filling:
4 egg yolks
1/4 cup of sugar
1/3 cup of heavy whipping cream
1/3 cup of milk
3 drops vanilla extract

The recipe wasn’t particularly difficult. Simply mix the above ingredients together. For the crust, I had to knead the dough a bit, which got pretty messy because I didn’t use enough flour. After, I split the dough into 12 pieces.

Then it was time to mix and whisk the custard filling. For the leftover egg whites, I decided to fry an omelet for the morning.

Then, I buttered the cupcake pan with cooking spray, flattened the dough inside and filled it with the custard filling. Preheated the oven to 400 F, and let them bake for 20-ish minutes, checking every so often to make sure they weren’t burning.

This is actually pretty simple and I think you can substitute the pie crust mix with flour and other ingredients but it probably wouldn’t taste as fluffy. Actually, when I made the egg tarts, the crust ended up a bit too thick, so the egg tarts have a cookie-like texture, because there wasn’t enough room for the filling.

Ah well, pretty decent for the first time. I had leftover custard filling so I just baked those to make egg custard. Fluffy, slightly sweet and very yummy.




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