Iso Fusion Cafe – Westwood

Restaurant Review: Iso’s Fusion Cafe Spicy Ramen

so earlier today I had to go to the Federal building to pick up my mom’s passport. I like how everything is so close to UCLA. We’ve got westwood, the federal building, Santa Monica, 3rd street promenade, and more! So yeah…

Iso’s is actually one of my favorite places in Westwood, but I don’t really eat at too often. It was introduced to me by Nicole freshmen year. I really like this place cause it’s a good study spot. It has wi-fi, great food, and good service. So today after picking up my mom’s passport, I had this craving for spicy ramen.

Mm… spicy ramen. I wish I could eat it again. haha.. so the kind of ramen they serve for spicy ramen, is not like Japanese ramen. It’s typically the instant ramen, but Korean version. I know a lot of people on yelp claim that they could probably make this at home at a cheaper price, but quite honestly… sometimes you’re lazy and you just want someone else to make it for you.

$5.50 for this baby. Mmhmm.. which I think is an okay price. The ramen comes with a lot of fixings, like tofu, fish cake, tons of veggies, and yummy spicyness. Now, I’m a big fan of spicy and I have the tolerance of a bamf so, let me tell you now that I could taste some of the spicyness in this dish. Honestly, it wasn’t like burning my tongue or anything, but non-spicy eaters, beware! I don’t know if Nicole would be able to handle this.

I love how it comes in its own individual pot. The dish is really hot, the waiters serve them with oven gloves. Mmhmm..

I really love how there is outdoor seating in Iso’s. I love sitting outside mainly because I like to people watch (in a non-creepy and non-stalkerish way). The way this place works is that you order your food upfront and pay then they give you a number. You can sit down anywhere, and they bring the food to you. Most newbies won’t know that you can get your own utensils, and often times it’s kind of expected that you should. But the waiting staff is super friendly and really nice, and if they see that you have no utensils, they will direct you towards them or even get them for you.

I also got the peach mango ice tea, which was delish. I really enjoyed this lunch, and I want to go back, again! Oh man…

But yeah I rate this place for its spicy ramen…


❤ josie


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