Pho So 1 – Van Nuys



Resto Review: Van Nuys’ Pho So 1

This was my first time eating pho because I don’t eat beef. I guess this says a lot, probably being the only Asian who grew up in the 626, land of pho places, not having eaten pho until I turned 20. So I ordered the pho ga (chicken pho), which was generous in portion and pretty tasty, all for under $7. I like that the bean sprouts give the noodle soup some crunchy texture. But I wasn’t pleased to find undissolved salt and MSG particles at the bottom of the bowl. Isn’t pho’s soup base supposed to be light and delicate?

I also got a cafe sua da, condensed milk iced coffee, Viet style. Now this was good, as usual. They serve it the authentic way, with a small drip filter, not like banh mi shops, with hundreds of cups prefilled with condensed milk. Although for $2.50, I expected more coffee than that, regardless of how strong it is.

Josie and Nicole got the regular pho, with a raw-looking slab of beef in it. I don’t know how it tasted, but yeah. Didn’t look too appetizing anyway. 🙂

Score: 3.5/5

– Justin


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