Noah’s Bagels – Westwood


Resto Review: Westwood’s Noah’s Bagels

I tried Noah’s Bagels for the first time with my roommate this morning. We were initially heading to Subway’s for their free breakfast sandwich deal but the long line deterred us, so we went across the street for Noah’s instead (free bagels with a coupon until May 2!).

Mind you, I’ve never gotten a bagel there before, so I just played it safe with an onion bagel and plain shmear (their name for a spread). Boy were they generous with their spread—I think it was enough to give me a mini stroke. The onion bagel was interesting, with dried and fried onion bits sprinkled on top. It was decent, warm and toasty. But I certainly would never pay $2.79 for a bagel. I could be drinking quality boba with that money.

Between my break from class and volunteering, I dropped by again to try another combo. Strangely enough, there was a huge police presence on Westwood and Lindbrook, with the entire intersection closed off.

Anyway, I got a chocolate chip bagel with almond honey shmear. Yum! The toasted bagel with melted chocolate, just blended so well with the shmear, which had bits of almond nuts inside. As with last time, they were a little too generous with their shmear.

But still, I’m going back every day until I’ve tried all of their combos. And Yelp says that they have good bottomless coffee (refills!) for under $2. I think I’ve found a new study joint. 🙂

– Justin


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