Tea Station – San Gabriel


Boba Review #6 – San Gabriel Tea Station’s tapioca milk tea

Tea Station is SoCal’s counterpart of NorCal’s Ten Ren and has been my favorite boba place hands down since the beginning of time.

A medium cup is around $3.07 with tax, but totally worth it. I always ask for a stamp (buy 10, get one free), being the Asian that I am. The tapioca balls’ consistency is chewy and sweet. They’re seriously heavenly perfection. I think Tea Station’s tapioca balls could outdo the competition any day, especially the TapEx next door. The milk tea itself is creamier and its tea flavor is very distinctive.

I think it’s because the workers make the milk tea like they’re mixing alcoholic drinks. It’s pretty fun to watch them make the drinks. This time, I found my drink a little to sweet, but I’ll give them benefit of the doubt. The place is always bustling, especially at night. Be prepared to wait to get your order in.

Score: 9/10

– Justin


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