Isaac Toast – Westwood


Restaurant Review: Westwood’s Isaac Toast

photo credit to: Rosalie Yee

As you can see, Justin’s not the only one who tried this new sandwich shop out. We’ve both been meaning to go for the longest time, but never had the time or the appetite to do so until now.

Yesterday I went to Isaac Toast with some friends from Project WILD. This quaint, little shop is not exactly found in the most prime location, but it’s pretty easy to find it. When we entered the shop, two guys were working behind the counter. They were really nice to us, and allowed us to borrow some scissors for some coupons we had.

Michelle and I tried the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, while Rosalie ordered a Grilled Chicken Sandwich. While waiting for our sandwiches to be made, we sat down on one of the tree tables available in the shop. Each table only has 2 seats…so if you’re planning on coming with a big group of friends, I suggest take it to go.

Now before I give my opinion on the quality and the taste of the sandwich, I must admit that I was surprised by Justin’s 3/5 rating. I mean, I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place and the ratings on yelp were pretty high. So I was expecting to score much higher than Justin for this, but it didn’t turn out that way.

The sandwich was brought to us cut in two. I really appreciated it, because it made it easier to eat the sandwich. Michelle and I ordered wheat bread for our sandwich. The sandwich had egg, a cabbage mix, the spicy chicken, and Isaac’s special sauce. Now to break down each layer of flavor:

  1. Wheat bread: this bread wasn’t as wholesome as I would have liked. To me, it could have been just burnt white bread, with a hint of wheat flavor. I’m a big wheat bread fan, so I was pretty disappointed by this.
  2. Egg: The layer of egg was a nice touch— I’m a huge fan of egg sandwiches, so I was happy to see this in there
  3. Cabbage Mix: They added a healthy serving of cabbage for a nice crunch to the sandwich. It was a nice balance to the texture of the rest of the sandwich.
  4. Spicy chicken: Wasn’t spicy at all. It might be because I have a high tolerance for spicy things, but I was fairly disappointed when I couldn’t even taste a hint of spice. The chicken itself was forgetful too, sometimes I wasn’t sure whether my bite had chicken in it at all.
  5. Isaac’s special sauce: This was a hit or miss kind of thing. IMO, the sauce was way too sweet. When it comes to sandwich, I always look for a nice savory, hearty sandwich. This sauce had a nice tang and sweetness to it, but the sweetness definitely overpowered it. I couldn’t put my finger on the ingredient that gave it its sweet flavor, but Michelle mentioned that it reminded her of condensed milk…and I must say, I agree. It didn’t help that the sandwich itself was dripping in sauce. I was getting sauce everywhere, and it leaked through the paper sandwich wrap.

This sandwich, after taxes, came out to be around ~$7.00. I’ve had my share of expensive sandwiches before, but honestly I think the price could’ve been much lower. The sandwich didn’t leave a good impression on me.. and while I was eating it in the shop, I was thinking of 3. But as we left the shop, I thought about the flavors some more, and broke it down… I was truly unsatisfied.

I’m sorry, but honestly this was disappointing.

I give Isaac Toast a rating of 2/5

❤ josie


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