Isaac Toast – Westwood


Resto Review: Westwood’s Isaac Toast

I’ve been meaning to try Isaac Toast since it opened but never really felt the urge until today. So I dropped by for an Isaac sandwich with ham. For $5.43 (with tax), I got a decent sized sandwich with free coffee (their “lunch special). The guys who work there are all Korean and really polite. But I decided not to eat inside the microscopic shop, because it would have been awkward with me being their sole customer in such a small space.

They prepared a pretty cute sack lunch. When I got back, I literally ate the sandwich in three bites. I don’t think a sandwich that you can make at home (it’s basically toasted white bread, a fried egg, shredded vegetables, chopped peppers, a few slices of ham, and a sweet, tangy sauce) should cost $5. That’s just pushing it… I could be buying 5 bobas with that.

I think Isaac Toast is overrated—just look at the rave reviews on Yelp. I think it’s because it’s a franchise straight out of South Korea, as its fledgling store in America, people are giving the place more praise than it deserves. Or maybe I’m just a harsh critic.

And then I Yelped the place and realized I could have asked for Oriental coffee and wheat bread. I guess that means I have to go there again. Ugh.

Score: 3/5


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