Mitsuru Cafe – Los Angeles


Restaurant Review: Mitsuru Cafe

So a week or two ago, Nicole, Saba and I went to downtown LA for the monthly Art Walk. It was a pretty cool scene. We stopped by Little Tokyo first for some bomb ramen. Mmhmm… I must say I really love this place.

Mitsuru was first introduced to me by my childhood friend, Sarah. She took me here one time before we went to the Disney Concert Hall for a photo shoot. The first time I came here, I had their amazing udon— much better than any place I’ve had it before. The broth was light and yummy.

Anyhow, this time we all ordered ramen. It came with a healthy portion of chau-siu (spelling?) pork, sweet bamboo shoots (yum!), bean sprouts, and green onion. What I like about this ramen is that the portions are great! The ramen itself tastes fresh, and the broth is light yet full of flavor.

This place is truly a hole in the wall and could probably easily be overlooked, but you shouldn’t judge its food by the way it looks. I am craving this place right now actually… YUM..


rating: 4/5

❤ josie


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