Mitsuwa Bento Boxes

Mitsuwa- Bento Boxes

So after visiting the doctor today, my mom drove me to Mitsuwa for brunch. =) I love coming to this place! Unlike the bigger Mitsuwa’s around the U.S this one doesn’t have a food court, but it still has a great selection of fresh made bento, onigiri, sushi, and more.

I was super hungry today.. so I got this bento box. Sorry if you can’t read the name of it, and I can’t seem to recall the name. I just know it starts with an “m” haha.. sorry if that’s not helpful.

I didn’t the names of a lot of the things in the bento, but it was really good. It had perfectly cooked salmon, chicken, a veggie eggroll, and more! Yummy! I can never get sick of Mitsuwa’s bento boxes.

❤ josie


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