Spicy Korean Tofu Soup

Spicy Korean Tofu Soup


1 package of enoki mushrooms

1 package of soft tofu

1 cup of sliced zuchini

1 cup of sliced onions

sliced green onions

sliced beef

kimchi, chili powder, salt & pepper,

I forgot what else we put into this Korean Tofu Soup…but basically we followed the recipe from this youtube video:

Korean Tofu Soup

Watch it if you get a chance. I know it’s been a while since Nicole and I have updated.. we’ve been making food and everything, it’s just we’ve been preoccupied with school and stuff… so I’ve just been uploading pictures of food we’ve made onto facebook. Anyhow…. I really want to try and make this soup again… It was very hearty and full of veggies.. I think we need to add more broth.

The only thing we didn’t add was the clams, like the video… instead I substituted clams with shrimp (still yummy).Now I’m craving Tofu house …man!

❤ josie


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