Mutiara – Inglewood


Resto Review: Inglewood’s Mutiara

Who would’ve thought of finding Burmese food in the heart of Inglewood? Unfortunately, the Burmese food is only served on the weekends. Mutiara is a standard no-frills restaurant, owned by Burmese Indian Muslims, serving mostly halal Indian and Malaysian food.

I didn’t take pictures of what all 12 of us ordered because the restaurant was near closing, but there was quite a variety, from chicken, beef and lamb curries with naan bread to mee goreng and other Malaysian dishes.

Unfortunately, they only cook biryani with goat meat on Fridays, so I ended up settling for their nasi biryani with chicken. The serving size was amazing, with my plate filled to the brim. But the Burmese biryani experience is never complete without sweet mango pickle and sour zested vegetables. What I got as the side dish was a disappointing American salad with ranch dressing. The rice wasn’t that flavorful and pretty bland as biryanis go (no cashew nuts, few raisins and not enough spices).

A lot of us ordered Burmese tea too, which is basically strong brewed Indian tea with condensed milk. I thought it was decent, not sweet and rich enough for my taste but smelled authentic.

+ I’m sad I didn’t bring a real camera to take better food pics, since I didn’t anticipate eating out. =(

Rating: 3/5


One thought on “Mutiara – Inglewood”

  1. Regret going there recently with family. All is fine as long as you give the thumbs up to everything, whether you like it or no. Utter a word of complaint at your own peril. Better don’t do that if you want to avoid the wrath of a rude staff and arrogant owner. Moral of the story: Eat whatever is dished out, pay up the exorbitant prices for the small portions served, and leave quitely!

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