Green Papaya – Alhambra


Resto Review: Alhambra’s Green Papaya Restaurant

This restaurant obviously once occupied the McDonald’s down the street. The inside was sparsely decorated with Thai decorations (nothing in comparison to Thai Paradise in MPK). I assume that their lunch crowds are small because half the restaurant was empty around lunch time, but the lunch specials range from $5.95 to $8.95 so it was worth a try. The server was very nice and attentive, explaining why they had run out of Thai ice tea and promptly catering to us.

The tom yum soup was way too sour—what I’d imagine stomach acid to taste like, but the generous pieces of chicken balanced the acrid liquid. Considering this was included in the lunch special, I wasn’t too mad.

My friend and I shared chicken panang and yellow curry. What was less than generous were the serving portions. There was much more sauce than actual meat, something that never fails to piss of this carnivore. The yellow curry was watery and was not at all pungent. I like the potatoes in yellow curry to be well cooked, so they absorb the spices’ flavors more evenly. But this wasn’t the case. The panang curry had similar issues. And neither curry was even moderately spicy.

But for a hearty and semi-authentic Thai meal under $7 per person, I was a happy camper.

Score: 3/5

– Justin

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