Project Wild Brownies


I took the liberty of documenting the prep work of Project WILD’s fairly successful bake sale last Friday (if $30 profit is considered successful). I was scared we wouldn’t even break even, but we fortunately made more than anticipated.

We made brownies (from brownie mix) and rice krispies drizzled with chocolate, although the rice krispies themselves had a very Asian texture and much larger in size. We were hasty in wrapping the rice krispies, so the unmelted chocolate got stuck to the saran wrap. I wouldn’t have bought them looking like that, tbh. But taste is all that matters, or else I wouldn’t be eating Burmese food either.

As much as you guys want to comment, Tumblr is being stupid, because comments are still in beta… 😦

But lesson learned, no more bake sales. We should go the more profitable and less labor-intensive route!

– Justin


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