Gyin thoke – Ginger salad


Ginger salad (Jin thoke/gyin thoke)

Yuzana ginger salad pack (the cartoon characters are cute =D)

  • Fried/preserved young ginger
  • Toasted peanuts, chickpeas, sesame seeds and garlic
  • Unknown powder (flour and MSG? idk)
  • Chopped chili, cabbage
  • Lemon juice

LOL all of my posts here have been Burmese, just about. I ran out of cooked foods today, so now I’m relying a lot on frozen and ready-made stuff to get me through finals. Here is yet another oily Burmese dish, supposedly good for cooling your body after a large meal and helping everything pass through if you know what I mean. It’s a nice study snack too.

Finals week = fat week. Time to pig out.




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