Pan-simmered Salmon in lemon, basil, butter sauce


Pan-simmered Salmon in lemon, basil, butter sauce

Made on Sept. 24, 2009


2 large fillets of salmon

2 whole lemons

4 basil leaves

1 stick of butter

3 tablespoons of milk

Kailan in Oyster Sauce


1/2 package of store packaged kailan

salt & pepper, oyster sauce

Bowtie Pasta in Pesto sauce


1 packet of store bought pesto sauce

1 bag of bowtie pasta

So…………. it was the first day of school today, and I was on campus from 9:30-6:00pm. I knew I wouldn’t have time to make dinner, so Nicole took it on herself and another one of her friends to make dinner for us when I got back. I came home to the sweet smell of pasta and pesto sauce. This dinner was really yummy! And it fed a lot of people—well, about 7 people (Nicole, Saba, and me, along with 4 of Nicole’s friends).

We all enjoyed this dinner together, crowded around our small 3- person dining room table. I think great food always calls for great company, and great company they were.

I’m pretty sure I can sleep well tonight… f00d coma is slowly setting in.

food and love

❤ josie

p.s… I invited Justin to this blog, so be on the look-out for his food reviews.


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