Pan fried Chayote with Garlic


Pan fried Chayote with Garlic

Made on Sept. 23, 2009


2 cloves of garlic

1 whole chayote

1 tablespoon of light soy sauce

salt, pepper, fish sauce, and sesame oil — I eyeballed the amount and adjusted the amount as I tasted it along the way.

Nicole and I decided to make a veggie-full lunch. The chayote cooked pretty well and retained its crunchy-ness (a different crunchy-ness that you would get if it were still raw. You could definitely tell if it was still raw or not).

Nicole actually made another dish with the chayote, which I failed to take a picture of.

Chayote with eggs


1 sliced chayote

garlic powder, a few eggs, salt and pepper.

It was really good! The chayote was sliced kind of medium thin, which helped it cook through evenly. Nicole then added the scrambled eggs, and cooked it all together in the sauce pan. The result was a yummy combination of fluffy eggs and crunchy chayote.

These two dishes were complimented by some pork that Nicole’s aunt made.

Yum! This meal was really light and healthy— no cholesterol here!

food and love

❤ josie

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