Japanese Curry


Japanese Curry

Made on Sept. 22, 2009


1 cup of chopped baby carrots

1 russet potato

1 chicken breast

1 packet of Japanese curry mix

Justin came over to have dinner with us last night, so Nicole and I decided to make Japanese Curry. I bought a single serving size japanese curry packet from Hawaii supermarket, and added the quick fixings to it.

I cooked the chicken first before adding the potatoes and the carrots— it took a long time before the potatoes and carrots soften. I had to cover the sauce pan for about 15 minutes, before they soften up. I think next time, I’ll boil the potatoes first like Nicole said to, instead of cooking it in the sauce pan. But, the potatoes retained a little of its crispyness texture in the sauce pan—rather than a mashy texture.

We also had shio-may that Justin brought over, but it was pretty fishy.. so we didn’t eat it all.

For dessert we had some box taro mochi..~~yum!

food and love

❤ josie


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