Food Coma

Hiiiiiiiiii everyone!!!!1111oneoneone

Nicole and I are in the apartments for the first time, and are cooking on our own. We decided to blog about our adventures in cooking, in order to let our parents know that we’re just going to be a-okay.

Like most parents, our parents have been a little concerned about the two of us becoming starving college students. And yet, at the same time our parents have been eager to see us grow and learn for ourselves.

I know for sure, that my mom doesn’t always believe me when I say that I was able to cook a pretty good meal. She always questions the taste and quality of the food I said I have made— it comes with the territory of being a typical mom. I, personally, wanted my mom to be able to see with this blog the fumbles and the tumbles Nicole and I have along the way.

So here’s proof for you mom!


Nicole and I love food—great food-strange food—all kinds of food, from everywhere and anywhere. We’re not afraid to try new things—no matter how strange they may be. Our favorite channel is food channel. If you flipped on our television, the Food Channel would be the first channel you see. We’re avid followers.

We hope that every day we’re able to make something new. Nicole and I hope to expose each other to great new foods from our individual respective cultures, and from cultures outside of our own.


Why f00d coma? Well.. it’s a little bit of an inside joke. I think most people realize that I have a tendency to come down with f00d coma after a great meal (resulting in epic 3-4 hour long naps).

Nicole and I believe that if you had a great meal, f00d coma is proof of that internal satisfaction.

So, I hope that you follow along on our food adventures in pursuit of the perfect f00d coma satisfaction!

Bon appetit!!


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